Monthly Archives: April 2011

Sorry. My Bad.

Eep. I goofed. I said I’d update more often but I somewhat got sidetracked with life and all that other good stuff. I suppose I should give a few updates and what not on what’s happening and all.

First and foremost, I’m moving to Massachusetts come this August for pharmacy school. I”ll be attending Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I submitted my deposit, got my apartment application and everything in and settled. I’ll be there for at least the next 3 years. Anything beyond that will be up to fate. We’ll see where life takes me.

Recently I’ve realized that there a few things that I don’t have the heart to leave behind as I continue on to the next chapter of my life. The first thing that I always knew I’d miss is the Rocky Mountains. I don’t like climbing them, hiking them, skiing on them, or any sort of things that actually has to do with being on them. But I throughly enjoy looking at them as the sun sets every evening. The view is just breathtaking. I know that when I was in New York (upstate, not NYC) back from 2006 to 2007 for my freshman year of college, I missed the mountains most. I didn’t really miss anything else then.

This time when I leave Colorado it’s different, my friendships are on a deeper level now compared to back then. I must say that I’m going to miss my best friend and the mountains when I leave this state that I was born and raised in. Who am I going to be finding good eats with? Or drag along to go browse the stores at the mall, or just pointlessly wandering town? Who am I going to just sit down and have a heart to heart talk with? My best friend is like my big sister (granted she’s only 7 months older than me). Thinking about not having her around after every phone call is rather depressing. I know that we’ll be able to talk and skype and all that wonderful stuff when I’m in Massachusetts. But it’s really not all the same when we’re not in person anymore.

But my move is for the better. I’m moving on and beginning to live life for myself without any sort of restraints. My life is mine and mine alone, and I’m able to choose what I want to do without the influence of others. I don’t care what anyone else thinks really. As long as I’m content, I feel that everything that I do is well worth it. I’m a smart person, I have the common sense. I know what the rights and wrongs. My decisions will reflect my values and moral standards, not anyone else’s.

I know that my parents would frown upon my decisions I’ve made thus far, and the decisions that I will make in the future. But we live in two different worlds now. I’m no longer under their roof or under their wings. My decisions ultimately are for me to make as how I see fit in attaining my happiness. Not theirs.

Call me selfish. But I’m tired of doing things for others right now. I’m content with living for myself for once.

Signing off ❤

PS. I’ll try to blog more often.