Day One: Insanity and some Money Crap

Started doing Insanity today. x_X; Just the Fit Test nearly killed me, I’m so out of shape. >___<“

On a side note, I wish the world didn’t need money to go round. I’m in that bind again where I’m freaking out with my expenses and everything for the semester. I hate not having my own income that I’m bringing in, and the fact that the only thing to occupy my time is school. It’s not like working, at least working when I work I can’t spend money, and when I’m not working I’m too tired to be spending money or something along those lines.

But I want to get back on track again, hopefully with Rin’s help (my best friend turned personal accountant) I can get back in track and make it through pharmacy school without any more help. Hopefully. BLARGH.


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