How Much Water Do You Lose?

Apparently an average person loses 500 mL of water a day. Average person, average amount of activity. I feel like I just sweated so much more than that, that’s for sure. Just finished Insanity Day 2 with interval training. Pylometric Cardio Circuit to be exact, all 45 minutes of it. Initially, I could feel the sweat beating on my face and rolling down the sides of my face, and I could see the sweat forming on my chest and dripping down between my cleavage.I thought that was about it. But when I felt my back, it was soaked to the point where when I took my and away it was covered in nice shiny wet sweat. x_X; when I went to wipe it all it was definitely sweaty.

I’m not to speed as those folks in the video, but I definitely pushed myself. A lot of the times, the jumping exercises hurt my calves cause my calves are already really tight in the fire place, so I supplement those with running in place when my calves feel far too tight. At least I’m still moving, and I’m doing the most that I can. 


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