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Almost There!

… Okay. I’m notorious for starting something and not quite following through with it all the way. But to my justification, I haven’t really made anything that was appealing enough to photograph, and when I did it was the stuff I already photographed before (i.e., tacos, pasta, apple crisps, etc.) The food supply in my kitchen is dwindling down as expected. The last time I went to the store to buy food was  10 days ago, and even then it was just for some fresh produce and fruits.

I hope I should have the majority of everything cleared out by the time I move out of my apartment (tentative moving everything date is next Friday). A whole bunch of eating out time for me, if I do run out of food cause there’s no point in going grocery shopping. Not because I’m moving to a new apartment, but because I’m going back to CO for intermediate rotations.

Today marked the last day of classes for my P1 Year of Pharmacy school! I technically have only one more year of classes (P2 year) before I go on rotations (P3), and then it’s graduation! It definitely doesn’t feel like almost a year has passed since I left Colorado. I moved out here on the 15th of August.

I only have Finals to tackle and then I’ll be back in my home state for three whole months. Since I’ve moved out here, I haven’t been back in CO for any more than 2 and a half weeks at a time. And I’ve only been back three times, between each semester. That might change after I get back, depending on whether or not I can find an internship to partially fund extraneous desires. I’m currently eyeing this coach purse (madison op art multi sateen sophia satchel). I typically don’t even like purses, my last purse I bought was my NineWest purse I bought back in ’08, and I don’t even use it that often. I typically just use one of those metal ID card holders for my wallet and call it a day. I guess this is more of my attempt to be a grown adult. There’s something about going around with a backpack wearing professional clothes that doesn’t scream a professional woman. I find that I’m really picky about purses too apparently, I’ll go to Kohls and whatever and look at the purses they have there, just to look to see if anything has potential. But for the most part, none do. This coach purse was the first to catch my eye, and I wasn’t even intending on it. I was curious when I was browsing for purses one night cause I was not studying like I should have…  But yeah, too bad that purse is $298. Anyone want to buy it for me? My birthday’s coming up in three months… It’d totally make me look super cute?

11 more days before I get to go back to sweet ol’ Colorado!

On a side note, my heart goes out to those affected by the shooting last night at the movie theaters. (Gunman turns Batman screening into real-life ‘horror film‘). I was fortunate enough that my friends who live in Aurora didn’t go to the movies. I just wonder what goes through a person’s head that day, prior to going out to a public place to do a random shooting. In the end, I can’t fathom it at all.



Okay. The last few posts haven’t had anything really to do with food. I seriously don’t even remember what I’ve been eating lately, frozen burritos, and had some dinner at a friend’s for her birthday. Last night I made some Bun Nem Nuong (Noodles with Cured Ground Pork). I’m eating that for a while because I had a chunk of the nem nuong to eat that was in my freezer. And I really do like it. I also went to the store yesterday to get some fresh produce.

It was the first time I made it on my own, so I didn’t brown the meat enough last night. When I did it again today, it was a lot better but I was starving so I scarfed that down before I thought to take a new picture of it. All that is on a bed of shredded green lettuce, spearmint, and fish mint. I also made fish sauce to go with it to mix things up like you’re supposed to. Fish sauce (Nuoc Nam) was the first authentic thing I ever learned how to make, my mom always made me do it when I was growing up. I mean, I’m not counting rice here cause all I did was stick it in the cooker.

But this is how the dish looks like mixed and everything. I really like my veggies so I always put an abundance of them in there. I’m really bummed that I forgot to get the bean sprouts when I went to the market yesterday too. I was super excited about those bean sprouts, I was going to do the pad thai again but with bean sprouts this time. And this was going to have bean sprouts, and I was even going to maybe make meatball pho to get rid of the meatballs and pho noodles that I have.

But that’s about it when it comes to delicious food. I had another frozen burrito for lunch with a yogurt and my standard cereal for breakfast. I was going to make apple crisp again tonight, but I woke up from a 2 hour nap at 8pm and all my motivation has left me and it’s getting a bit late for that. Perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow.

And on a side note, I’m meeting with the potential roommate (hopefully confirmed future roommate) for lunch tomorrow after class and all that jazz. HOPE THINGS GO WELL FOR ME!!!

Things Are Turning Around….

I may or may not have mentioned this before in this blog, but a while ago my ex (then boyfriend) had moved out from California to come live with me while I was going to school out here, in attempt to bridge the long distance relationship gap that we already had at the time (I lived in Colorado). That was probably one of the worse decisions of my life, as it’s caused a ripple effect that I still feel even to this day. It impacted a lot on my finances, as the ex was pretty much a freeloader at the time having given me empty promises that were left unfulfilled even to this day, saying that once he got the money. Before that it was, he was working on saving the money and everything. But asides from all of that, I’ve been dealing with a lot of financial stress since the moment he moved in with me. Initially when I got this apartment, I was anticipating that he’d contribute his half of everything, which was something we clearly stated but he couldn’t meet ends at the time. Which would have been fine, but int he end it was all on me. Slowly I’ve been getting my finances together, but it’s always a struggle, and I’ve had to cut back on a lot of things like going out to hang out with friends simply because I can’t spare that extra money to go drive out to the beach for a few days and everything.

But my lease is going to be up at the end of next month, and well, they stated that my rent was going to go up by $50. It’s a lovely place, 8 minutes walking distances from school (especially nice when I wake up late all the time). But overall, that increase just made me start questioning things. Was it really worth it? I started to have my doubts because well… $50 can pay for a lot of different things. For instance, it could pay for my electric bill for two months. It could even pay my internet for a month and a half. I could get two really nice sushi dinners, or one fine dinning place. Or you know, 5 different meals out to those mediocre places were average spent per person is approximately $10. If I’m in a financial bind now, I can’t imagine what it’d be like once I actually have to drive around and all that jazz for rotations during the P3 year of pharmacy school when I could potentially be driving maximum of 60 miles in one direction daily. That’s a lot of gas. Since the beginning of summer semester, I’ve only filled up my gas tank once, and I didn’t even need to at the time. I only did it cause it made my car wash (which was needed) $2 cheaper. Definitely a deal, cause I only had to fill up a fourth of a tank. So talk about saving money on gas, that’s where a lot of my money saving the last two months has been coming from in addition to laundry and household items and school fees which i budgeted but didn’t use. But later on, things won’t be that way. It won’t be as nice and all that jazz later on the road.

But I’m rambling (when don’t I ramble though?), but what I wanted to say was that I started to consider finding a new place to live that was still within walking distance of school. Is paying $1075/month for rent + electric + internet worth it, just so I could walk to school? It is. Which is why if I couldn’t find a place within walking distance, I was just going to stay put. Another thing about this area is that, it’s sorta ghetto and sketch in some areas so it’s better that I don’t stray too far from the downtown area. I mean, the sun sets super early in the winter over here in Massachusetts! It’s scary sometimes! But in any case, my friend who was renting this place (pretty much just a room) is moving out at the end of this month to move into another place a bit further with two of our other friends, she had to move out of her previous place cause her roommate at the time had gotten married at the end of the summer semester, and well everyone else had signed an one year leasing contract. So that’s why she was at this place for 3 months while we attended school for this loathing summer semester. But in any case, it’s a nice place, closer to school than my current place. The room’s a bit small, but to be honest, I’ve come to realize that I don’t really need that much room. I rarely use my living room as it is right now. As I spend most of my time in my kitchen or in my bedroom. So it’ll work out.

That and my room at my parents’ house while I was growing up is still smaller than the room at this place anyways. I mean it’s only for two more years so sure why not. As I keep joking with my parents, I’m like one of those characters in those ancient Chinese dramas where I’m currently up in the mountain training to be the world’s greatest fighter or something along those lines. When I come down, life will be different and better. But until then, I’m training in seclusion with school as my focus. So in the end, this is a better decision to alleviate some stress that I’ve been dealing with lately.

Best part about all this? I’ll be saving approximately $400 per month just due to the rent reduction. That in itself is amazing and feels great. I was excited when I saved $200 based on my budget last month. But $400, that should definitely help out in the long run. Meaning, I don’t have to run to my parents asking them for financial help. I mean, I’m 24 and in Professional School now, I shouldn’t be doing that. That’s what all my student loans are for right? Too bad I’ve already been taking everything to their limits.

Oh, and another hesitation I had about moving was the whole not having anyone to help me move and all that jazz. But my friends that are moving together are all moving around the same time, and they’ll be helping me too with the big stuff. By big stuff, I just mean my bed, desk, and drawers. I know.. it’s a ridiculous amount of big stuff right? I told my friend that she could have my living room furniture because it was too much of a hassle for me to deal with in terms of selling it and everything. I mean, honestly. I furnished my entire apartment with $400… ($100 of that was my drawers). Hurrah for Ikea? She wants the furniture, she can have it. Otherwise, I’d probably do a good deed and donate it to the salvation army downstairs around the corner.

So now, I really do need to just eat everything in my kitchen as best as possible so I have less to move.

In the end, I want to just say: Sometimes things just work themselves out in the end.

No Pictures Today :(

I ate quite a bit of what I had within my fridge today, but I didn’t actually do any cooking. It’s been a super long day for me, and as I write this post I’ve pretty much been awake for 20 hours after having slept for only 4 hours or so prior. It was probably one of my rougher mornings to get up cause I had been sleeping in every day since last Tuesday cause of the holiday break during school. But in any case, breakfast I had my GOLEAN Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble with some milk. Went to Professional Pharmacy Practice Lab, then ate my Chobani Yogurt – Passion Fruit flavored as I was studying and waiting for my class to start. After class I ate one of the microwavable burritos that I had in my fridge for lunch. It was pretty good. I guess I grew up liking them, and I mean I know what good Mexican food is like, but there’s a spot in my heart that will forever be there for cheap frozen Mexican burritos. Then I went to take my exam (Got a 95% on it, huzzah!). Then therapeutics class, and afterwards went home to eat some potato salad that I had bought a week ago from the grocery store. A few hours later, I went over to my friend’s to eat a birthday dinner which consisted of baked chicken, rice with curry and sauteed cabbage, and a piece of tiramisu cake. After I got home from that I ate two peaches….

And despite all that eating today… I’m now hungry. BUT MEH, I’m gonna go to bed hungry.

I’m thinking about making the pad thai again tomorrow, or maybe a quesadilla?

… Ugh.

... Ugh.

A bit premature by 2 weeks… but this is how I feel right now. Medicinal Chemistry is kicking my butt.

More food?!

So… my phone pretty much died yesterday as I was taking pictures of my dinner. But pretty much yesterday I had the rest of the Spinach Shrimp pasta from the day before for lunch, and dinner I had shrimp pad thai, and cut up my last granny smith apple to make a mini apple crisp. That was delicious. I really want more, but unfortunately I don’t have any more apples at the moment. I probably won’t go to the store again for another few days, so until then I’ll work with what I have. As for the Pad Thai, I had a box of the Thai Kitchen – Pad Thai Noodle Kit, I started to follow the directions but then my natural instincts from when I made Pad Thai back at the restaurant kicked in and I stopped following the directions after I scrambled my eggs and soaked my noodles. I really wished that I had some bean sprouts to go with the pad thai though, that would have b been amazing. But at least I had some fresh lime hidden away in my fridge that I was finally able to use and that definitely gave it a tangy flavor. I also threw in some crush red peppers in the mix too while I was cooking it. I was trying to get the sauce to caramelize on the noodles, but that didn’t really work out well so either it’s the sauce or my pan. I haven’t figured out which it was yet.

Today I ate cereal and milk for breakfast, and well now I’m currently eating tacos with left over chicken from the day before the day before. Downside of living alone and cooking for one is that I always have left overs no matter what I do, and I never want to eat them immediately afterwards. I’ll probably make shrimp pad thai again tonight, and maybe that Roma Tomato salad… or maybe just the roma tomato salad alone with a quesadilla or something. Who knows. Maybe if I feel like it I’ll make some pho with meatballs.

But enough of thinking about food, I have a Pharmacology exam tomorrow that I need to start studying for. Originally when I was finally going to start studying for it, there was a little water mishap in my apartment as for whatever reason water started to come up from my carpet. No clue why, so I had to call the leasing office to get their maintenance guy over here. He still hasn’t shown up yet, but I did my job as a tenant. Hopefully they’ll give me some sort of cut in my rent for my next least, this is the fourth water incident I’ve had to deal with since living here and I’ve only lived here since August 15, 2011. I’d move if it wasn’t such a hassle, and the fact that I love being able to walk to school.

We’re Down to 25

I was going to upload a post every day about what I’ve been eating and everything, but there was nothing all that exciting about it. I had tilapia (seasoned with garlic powder, pepper, sugar, and a little salt) in some spring rolls with my pineapple hot sauce (mam) that I made a while back for two evenings. Tacos using some chicken thighs that I had again as well. I guess I had that two nights in a row.

For my Spring Rolls, I had the tilapia, rice vermicelli, green lettuce, cucumbers, spearmint, and fish mint (rau dap ca). The pineapple hot sauce was made with crushed pineapple, sriracha sauce, and some shrimp paste with sugar here and there until I was satisfied with the degree of sweetness and spiciness. It’s something my mom got me hooked on when I was a kid growing up. I was craving it and finally gave up waiting until I came home to Colorado during breaks to eat some of my mom’s version. I pretty much just knew of the ingredients and thus winged the whole process, throwing them into my food processor. The result was pretty decent and I was most definitely satisfied with the results. I ate the last of it when I ate the spring rolls the second night. I guess I won’t be having any more spring rolls in a while. Sad day.

For my Tacos, they’re just.. well tacos. I guess I had these for two nights since the last post as well. So I alternated between spring rolls and tacos. They were just chicken tacos. Nothing special I guess. For my chicken, the first night I used the left over chicken from the last post and shredded it before tossing it with some taco seasoning that I had in my cupboards. The second night, I just cooked two chicken breasts the same way, but it was so good I got distracted and forgot about the taco seasoning so those were just plain. For the complete taco ensemble, I had corn tortillas, sour cream, lettuce, corn, salsa, and a bit of Mexican blend cheese. That was pretty much it for me when it came to tacos. Some enchiladas right now, or a carnita burrito from Santiago’s back home sounds amazing right now.

At some point, I also made pasta with Parmesan breaded tilapia. I seasoned the fish with cayenne, pepper, and some salt, with garlic powder. Then just did a typical breading, with panko bread crumbs. I did a garlic olive oil light sauce to toss with spinach and tomatoes. I also had a side salad where I used balamic vinaigrette as my dressing.

Yesterday I was a bad girl, I didn’t really do much cooking of any sorts. I just ate one of my lean cuisines. And then afterwards, I went to KFC and got some potato wedges, and somehow ended up leaving with the desired potato wedges and the mac and cheese. The mac and cheese wasn’t as satisfying as I was hoping it’d be, and I put extra shredded cheddar jack on it too. I guess working at Noodles&Company for three and a half years spoiled me when it comes to mac and cheese and nothing will ever be comparable to it.

This morning, I ate a bowl of cereal, then cleaned my apartment and all that jazz. After that was done, I went onto and went to see what I could make with what I had again. I ended up deciding on making a three course meal: appetizer, main entrée, and dessert. Of course, with the recipes I found, I had to scale down too, otherwise I’d be eating everything for days and that’s no fun for my tongue.

For my appetizer, I made a tomato salad of sorts: Roma Tomato Salad with Feta and Garlic. This was delicious. I was surprised at how well it came out and everything. I did have to substitute the fresh basil leaves for dried basil. I can only imagine how much better this tomato salad would have been if I had fresh basil leaves. I wish that basil plant of mine survived these past few months. Perhaps I’ll buy another one when I come back out here at the end of October. Basil is by far my favorite herb, I love it in pizza, and always sprinkle a dash of it in my pasta regardless of what kind of pasta it is.

Then comes the entrée:  Spinach Shrimp Fettuccine. Originally, I wanted to make something with salmon tonight but I guess I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it, because I had some spinach left over that I needed to eat before it went bad, and then I also had some left over pasta from another one of those nights. I guess I had pasta at some point between the last post and now too, cause last time I had left over linguine. But this time, instead of using fettuccine noodles (since I don’t even have any), I used up the rest of my already cooked cellentani noodles. I also had some shrimp that I needed to eat by some point too before the month is over, so I figured why not. I’ll figure out what to do with the salmon at some other point. The pasta is definitely delicious. It definitely packed a light flavor to it, and it was quite satisfying. When it called for italian seasoning, I didn’t have any but looked up a few home versions of it to get an idea of what to put in. In the end, I used dried basil leaves, thyme leaves, oregano, crushed red peppers, garlic powder, and some of this peppercorn medley that I had in my cupboards. The results was delicious, I will definitely be making this again at some point.

Finally, dessert: Amish Apple Crisp. It’s been a while since I’ve had an apple crisp, and I actually really do like apple crisps. I like them plain even, without the ice cream to accompany it. I wasn’t even planning on making a dessert, but I was looking through SuperCooks, and I figured what the heck, let’s see what sorts of desserts it says I can make with the ingredients I had in my kitchen. I needed to take care of the apples that I had in my fridge anyways before they’d get too old and not tasty. So I guess that’s what I did, and I winged it. It actually just came out of the oven and smells delicious. For the actual apple layer, only put 1/8 of a cup of sugar to it instead of the 1/4 cup that it told me too, cause I really don’t like eating things that are too sweet. I also mixed some of the cinnamon into the topping layer too instead of just sprinkling it on top. I just finished eating some, and it’s DELICIOUS!

So yeah, that concludes my food update so far. I haven’t gone to the store yet to buy actual groceries! (I did go to the store to pick up some milk, oatmeal, and more sour cream though for future tacos). As of right now, I’m planning on making some shrimp pad thai, and one pan fish tacos at one point. But we’ll see where this food journey takes me.