More food?!

So… my phone pretty much died yesterday as I was taking pictures of my dinner. But pretty much yesterday I had the rest of the Spinach Shrimp pasta from the day before for lunch, and dinner I had shrimp pad thai, and cut up my last granny smith apple to make a mini apple crisp. That was delicious. I really want more, but unfortunately I don’t have any more apples at the moment. I probably won’t go to the store again for another few days, so until then I’ll work with what I have. As for the Pad Thai, I had a box of the Thai Kitchen – Pad Thai Noodle Kit, I started to follow the directions but then my natural instincts from when I made Pad Thai back at the restaurant kicked in and I stopped following the directions after I scrambled my eggs and soaked my noodles. I really wished that I had some bean sprouts to go with the pad thai though, that would have b been amazing. But at least I had some fresh lime hidden away in my fridge that I was finally able to use and that definitely gave it a tangy flavor. I also threw in some crush red peppers in the mix too while I was cooking it. I was trying to get the sauce to caramelize on the noodles, but that didn’t really work out well so either it’s the sauce or my pan. I haven’t figured out which it was yet.

Today I ate cereal and milk for breakfast, and well now I’m currently eating tacos with left over chicken from the day before the day before. Downside of living alone and cooking for one is that I always have left overs no matter what I do, and I never want to eat them immediately afterwards. I’ll probably make shrimp pad thai again tonight, and maybe that Roma Tomato salad… or maybe just the roma tomato salad alone with a quesadilla or something. Who knows. Maybe if I feel like it I’ll make some pho with meatballs.

But enough of thinking about food, I have a Pharmacology exam tomorrow that I need to start studying for. Originally when I was finally going to start studying for it, there was a little water mishap in my apartment as for whatever reason water started to come up from my carpet. No clue why, so I had to call the leasing office to get their maintenance guy over here. He still hasn’t shown up yet, but I did my job as a tenant. Hopefully they’ll give me some sort of cut in my rent for my next least, this is the fourth water incident I’ve had to deal with since living here and I’ve only lived here since August 15, 2011. I’d move if it wasn’t such a hassle, and the fact that I love being able to walk to school.


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