No Pictures Today :(

I ate quite a bit of what I had within my fridge today, but I didn’t actually do any cooking. It’s been a super long day for me, and as I write this post I’ve pretty much been awake for 20 hours after having slept for only 4 hours or so prior. It was probably one of my rougher mornings to get up cause I had been sleeping in every day since last Tuesday cause of the holiday break during school. But in any case, breakfast I had my GOLEAN Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble with some milk. Went to Professional Pharmacy Practice Lab, then ate my Chobani Yogurt – Passion Fruit flavored as I was studying and waiting for my class to start. After class I ate one of the microwavable burritos that I had in my fridge for lunch. It was pretty good. I guess I grew up liking them, and I mean I know what good Mexican food is like, but there’s a spot in my heart that will forever be there for cheap frozen Mexican burritos. Then I went to take my exam (Got a 95% on it, huzzah!). Then therapeutics class, and afterwards went home to eat some potato salad that I had bought a week ago from the grocery store. A few hours later, I went over to my friend’s to eat a birthday dinner which consisted of baked chicken, rice with curry and sauteed cabbage, and a piece of tiramisu cake. After I got home from that I ate two peaches….

And despite all that eating today… I’m now hungry. BUT MEH, I’m gonna go to bed hungry.

I’m thinking about making the pad thai again tomorrow, or maybe a quesadilla?


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