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Yet Another Day

It always happens that way. I’ll plan to go to the mall the next day, but as the hours past I start realizing how bad of an idea it is to go.

Going to the Mall = Spending Money

I’ll say that I’m only going there to window shop and see what’s new and all that jazz, but in the end I’ll end up buying something. Or make myself really, really, really want something and just parting with it is just sheer torment. So, I opted to not go to the mall today. Because well, that’s just the safest route for my wallet. Not entirely shopping-proof, but still safest.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to switch up foundations and try some new things with make up. A little back story about the whole make-up deal is that I actually didn’t start wearing make up until junior year of college. I actually only got make up because of my cousins’ engagement/wedding events that were coming and my skin needed some serious help. The acne was finally dying down, but it was leaving lots of hyper-pigmentation marks as well as redness all my nose, between my brows, and around my mouth. It was horrible. I just wanted to hide my face all the time, but given that it was my cousin’s engagement/wedding thing, I went to Sephora and the ladies there were super helpful in getting me started. I haven’t stopped wearing make up since. Over the years, I’ve only used two different foundations: NARS and Bare Minerals. In that order too. Lately, I’ve been wanting to switch to another foundation since I feel that the Bare Minerals one isn’t up at the same quality that it used to be. It might be because of my old brushes, but at the same time, I’m not quite satisfied with it.

I was talking to my friend M from school, and she and I are make-up buddies. I guess you can call us that. I’ve been wanting to venture out, and she is just happy to find someone who enjoys it as much as she does. Tonight she was talking to me about this foundation and brushes and it just makes me want to go out and get them so much more. OYE! I don’t have the monies, and I was about to settle on getting that EXPRESS jacket for my birthday too… Now I can’t decide….

So if I had money…


As I was mentioning, I’m in the market for new make up brushes. Particularly those to apply my foundation/blush/bronzer. As much as I liked the Full Flawless Brush from bareminerals, I feel like it can be softer, denser, and overall better. In this particular kit, I really just want the first three brushes. I wouldn’t know what to do with that last brush on the right. But hey, it’s a set and the set’s cheaper than if I were to buy the three of them individually… wait. I just did the math. The set of four is $56, whereas the brushes are $16 each individually. for a total of $48 for the three brushes that I do want. So I guess I should get them individually so I don’t have to get a brush I don’t even know what to use it for.

In any case, the brushes that I do want in particularly are the F80, F82, and the F84. Hmm… I really do want. Interestingly enough, on Amazon the Sigma Beauty account sells the F80 for $6, and the F82 and F84 for around $22. Must look more into this towards the end of the month, maybe get the F82 and F84 from the actual Sigma website, and the F80 from amazon? Must factor in shipping too. Oye.

[Palladio Beauty] Herbal Dual Wet and Dry Foundation

Okay, so buying this isn’t really all THAT expensive. But when you don’t have money at all, and trying to save money so when you have to go grocery shopping for the first time in three months to replenish… everything is expensive and can be cut out. This is the foundation M had suggested to me earlier tonight. She said it was AMAZING, and that she has now been converted to a powdered foundation girl. Prior to this, she was a liquid-only girl, so for her to say that it means there’s something to this.

I actually prefer powder foundations for whatever reason. So I’m more excited to try this out than Revlon’s ColorStay or the other drugstore foundations that she had suggested to me such as Rimmel or L’Oreal. Nice thing about this foundation is that it’s only $11. Yet it’s $11 that could go towards food at the end of October when I have to replenish all the yummies for my tummies when I head back to MA for school. Another thing is that, if I were to get this, I absolutely need a new foundation brush (she suggested the Sigma F82). So that’s an additional cost.

[Urban Decay] NAKED Palette

I’ve been eyeing this bad boy since I started to play around with my eyeshadows a few months ago. I’ve heard so any good things about this product. I’ve also played with it a little bit while I was at Sephora. I didn’t get the full feel of it since I didn’t have my brushes to mess around with it as efficiently. But I love the colors so much! This was originally going to be my birthday present to myself, but I don’t know what happened. I was also waiting for the Sephora Friends & Family Discount Sale to occur so I can get anywhere from 10-20% off. I think my friend S said that you typically get 20% off during that sale. It usually occurs at the end of October or early November. So we’ll have to see, right?


The Beast Restrained…

If I had money right now, I swear I’d be buying so much clothes, shoes, and accessories right now. My sense of style was horrid up until after I graduated college back in December 2009. Now a days, I’ve been following Beauty Gurus on YouTube and their respective websites and I have a better idea of how I want to present myself. Such wonderful women are Michelle Phan [YouTube | Website], Jen – frmheadtotoe [YouTube | Website], Wendy [YouTube | Website], Jen – meejmuse [YouTube], and Ingrid – missglamorazzi [YouTube]. It’s because of them I can bloom into a the beautiful woman I was meant to be.

Downside? I don’t have the funds to support a full wardrobe revamp. I’ve been working off of what I have, but as a result a lot of the stuff that I had worn a year ago are no longer what I want to be seen wearing anymore. So one day, when I become a Pharmacist and finally make the big bucks? I need to make sure I have a rather large walk in closet to accommodate everything because there are a lot of things I have my eye out for.

Since this blog is just an insight of my mind, I figured I’d spam it with links to all these pretties that one day I wish to own (or own something close to if that ends up being the case). Two more years and I can buy stuff without as much as a restraint such as my $525/month for all living expenses.

[EXPRESS] (Minus The) Leather Peplum Seamed Moto Jacket

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way this jacket looks. I’ve been eyeing a leather jacket for the last few years (since graduating back in 2009), and it’s been more since I’ve seen how nice and flattering they can look on a woman after watching a few episodes of Supernatural where the female actresses have on pretty nice (faux) leather jackets. As a result, I’ve rather picky with purchasing one of these types of jacket because if I’m not careful, the jacket tends to look boxy on me instead of form fitting which isn’t attractive at all.

With this Moto Jacket line, I love the colors that it comes in. They’re just gorgeous. If I could I’d get all of them, but as of right now if I were to buy only one out of the eight colors, I’m torn between the cognac, mocha, and pitch black. The image above is in Mocha. Maybe if I’m a good girl at the end of October, I’ll buy it for myself as a birthday present? We’ll see how much money I can save up by the end of it all.

[JustFab] Quynetta Boots

These boots are just gorgeous. I love the embellishments that it has. The color’s nice. Everything about it is nice. I know this post was one of those “If I Had Money, I’d Buy….” post, but I really did just want to share this. I actually bought this last month and OMG. I am in love with them. I’m definitely glad that I got them when I did, because just going back to the site right now, it appears that it’s completely sold out. But I got them when was having a sale too, so I got my pair for $20 instead of their listed $39.95.

They’re definitely super comfortable. It ran a little large but, I can just layer on with the socks and make it comfier anyways. I should have gotten the 6.5 instead of the 7 that I got. But, with thicker socks, I see no problem with these at all. And it definitely accommodated my wider-than-normal calves too, which I’m very pleased with.

As a side note, if anyone goes and decides to buy something off of, here’s my invite link: Help a poor attempting to be fashionable girl out, ne?

Any case, the shopaholic within me wants to keep browsing sites, but I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

Time Just Flies….

I’m finishing up my last week of intermediate rotations (two more 10 hour shifts to go), and time has definitely gone by without hesitation. In my last post, I was just getting ready to wrap up P1 year to move back home for three months. Now I only have a month left in CO before I move back to MA.

Since moving out of my parents’ home in 2009, I’ve definitely become more tolerating and my patience has grown to a greater extent. In the past, I’d lash out and argue whenever something didn’t sit well with me when it came from my parents. Now I simply take it as it is, and try and look for that something behind all of those words to realize their true intent. Sure I still don’t agree with them on a lot of matters, but living at home (without access to my own independent method of transportation nonetheless) for the last two months has been a lot better than I thought. I still don’t think I’d do it when I try to move back to CO after I graduate, but you never know. I might be just crazy enough to try and pay off my student loans the first year or two after graduating.

Come October, I’ll be having a lot of free time. No access to a car to go around town with, but plenty of access to the internet. This can be a good or a bad thing. I do want to venture out and do other things. Who knows, I might pull out that old bike of mine. There’s so much that I want to do with myself, but I always seem to pull back and end up being the usual recluse.

I keep making lists of things I want to do, and I always seem to fail at following through with them. Maybe this will be the time that’s different than all of the rest. Hopefully?

NaNoWriMo: I know it starts in November, but hey I’ll be neck deep in Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapeutics, and whatever class I have. A six week semester is super short so I hear, and it’ll be super rough. So since I have October to my self without any impending distractions, maybe I’ll just do my own little NaNoWriMo thing. I miss writing, and I haven’t written anything since NaNo ’10.

Working Out: I swore I saw my recreation center pass/id card the other day when I was moving things around to find a book to read. To my knowledge I still have 20 punches to get into the rec center that’s only a mile away from my parents’ place. I can go there via bike and enjoy some time to myself that’s not at home. I’m going to develop a severe case of bumitis if I can’t get out of this house for the next month when I have absolutely nothing to do. I want to get back into the workout groove too, and perhaps this will help me ease into it when I’m back in Woo-town?

Couponing: it’s that time again. I’ll be off on my own, unable to bum off of my parents’ groceries towards the end of October, so I might as well scout out for the good coupons for stuff that I can use when I’m back in MA. Those coupons really do help. I kept record of how much I saved over Summer semester when I started to do this couponing thing and it was a hefty amount. Sure it’s not an extreme amount like those fanatical women who are into extreme couponing. But hey, a dollar saved is another dollar I can spend on more food…

Coming up with a Game Plan: I want to become a better person. So as a result, to get to that point I should aim to do things that I want to achieve… if that makes any sense at all. I guess that’s why I’m writing this list, so I can get things done. (I’ve always been a list-maker.) So is that a bit extreme? Writing a to-do list with ‘writing a to do list’ as one of the tasks? I guess I just need to stop and think about where I want to be in life when all this is over, and figure out the steps that it’ll take to get there. Of course, school might get in the way again like I said so before. But, I shouldn’t let that stop me from trying.

Eating Better: for the past two months, eating has been a horrendous thing. Either I’d binge or I’d forgo eating entirely. Which is almost a complete 180 from how things were the three months prior to that when I started to get into a better eating habit when I started to work out according to Insanity. (Maybe I should restart that? I said I would, but I never realized how exhausting rotations would be when you add in the commute to it.)

I guess those are really my own goals for the upcoming month of October. Until then, I have twenty more hours of rotation to put in within the next two days. Hurrah for my 12p-10p shifts at Walgreens! Hopefully it’ll be slow and I get to go home early or something along those lines.