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Helllooooo 2013!

Time definitely flew since the last post. It’s already almost 2 weeks into 2013, and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and reflect and think about stuff whatever it may be.

But here’s the recap since last post!

For Fall semester ’12 of P2 year, I made it a personal goal to come out of it with a Cumulative GPA of a 3.5 or higher. End result? After lots of hard work and dedication, I came out the semester with a Term GPA of 3.629, and that means… my Cumulative GPA ended up being 3.506! Barely there, but it’s still there and that’s all that matters! The semester before, my cumulative GPA was a 3.487. With my grades as they are, it’s really given me a lot to think about with what I want to do with myself because my grades give me a really big opportunity. I’m thinking of taking up a residency of sorts… either in Colorado or California. I’m working on it. But I have a better idea of what I want to do with myself. Until May 2014, I have lots of work to do on my end. Eep!

I’ve definitely been getting my act together and it’s all good so far. And I hope that it stays this way. I have a long two more semesters before I can officially start my APPE rotations. Wee!

So now the typical year reflection posts…

Quick Bullet List of Events in 2012:

  • I moved out of my last apartment and into a new place with a roommate. My roomie isn’t a student at the school actually, so it’s rather nice having company yet not the student/college environment that rooming while in school typically has.
  • I’ve studied a lot… and a lot… and studied some more….
  • I went to NYC all by myself for Spring Break ’12 and crashed on an old high school friend’s couch for the entire week while I explored the city at my own leisure. She just handed me the keys to her place and told me to enjoy. I definitely want to come back. Hopefully in March or May!
  • I spent two months on rotation back home in Colorado at Rite Aid and Walgreens. It was a good learning experience.
  • I spent three whole months at home with my parents, living under their roof, without any means of independent transportation. I survived somehow… so that gives me hope that I can possibly move back in with them for a while if I end up going back to Colorado.
  • I went to my first anime convention Nan Desu Kan. Dressed up as Robin for the entirety of it. Discovered that I’m much more of a comic book fan than an anime fan. But conventions are conventions, they’re still good.
  • After I finished the semester off, I headed to California to enjoy my break and stayed with my best friend and her family for 24 days. Definitely felt welcomed, and they enjoyed me so much they extended their welcome to have me move in with them if I land a position in California. I like this networking thing.

Overall, it’s been a pretty quite year. But that’s what happens when you’re just in school the whole time. Not much to really do, nor is there much of an opportunity to do so.

How did I do with resolutions? This is from the 2012 Resolutions that I wrote last year…

“Start caring about my skin – the acne’s gone, now to take care of the rest. Gotta look my best for my future patients!” I started to take care of my skin. I still get breakouts here and there, but I think it’s a hormonal thing. The more stressed I get, the nastier my face gets. But otherwise, I’ve been using other skincare products to help out. I’m really loving the Lancome Genfique… too bad it’s so friggin’ expensive and my samples aren’t going to last me forever… but the tiny 0.27 fl oz bottles that I get still seems to last a long time. So it might be worth investing in that $60 bottle one day… when I’m out of it. I need to start remembering to take my Super Skin herbal supplements that my mom sends over all the time. Otherwise it’ll go to waste, it doesn’t do any harm.. so maybe it’ll do some good?

“Work out 2-3 times a week regardless of the weather or exams – last year the goal was just to start working out, and I definitely have accomplished that.” I completely failed. Working out frequently is hard for a student when studies and sleep always seems to take higher priority.

“Be more financially responsible – due to a cascade of events in 2011, I found myself in a financial bind of sorts, and well… If I tighten my hold on my finances I should be okay.  But that also means, not going out to eat much any more, learning to buy only what I’ll eat/cook before they go bad; in the end, I want to start saving money instead of surviving semester to semester. I’m also hoping to get a paid intern job sometime soon as well.” I feel like I definitely accomplished this aspect. I had saved enough money that with the money from my loan, I lived well. AND I managed to fund my spendings when I was out in California. It was definitely a blast. I don’t waste as much food anymore as well, as I’m going to the store more often. I also feel like I’m eating healthier.

So two things out of three isn’t too too bad right???

So what are my Resolutions for 2013?

  • Work out! This seems to be the thing that’s on every year. Hopefully one year it’ll finally stick right? 
  • I want to get out of my comfort zone and socialize more, even though the hermit within me will resist with all its might. The last time I went out, only good things came out of it. So I might as well try and work at it and do more. In the end, I want to take more chances, and live life to its fullest.
  • Be a doer. Since starting college really, I’ve been taking the back seat to pretty much everything. And well, I think it’s time for me to find that drive again and stat getting involved and do things. I’ve already taken two steps in the right direction by taking initiative in my club. Let’s hope I keep it that way!

Well, that’s all folks! Here’s to a brand new year with brand new beginnings and opportunities!!!