[Day 4: Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It]

I almost skipped the gym again today. Almost. This time it was more because of the lack of food in my system and what I wanted to make was going to take me a few hours. I usually don’t like to go to the gym or work out right after eating. But I grabbed a subway and devoured it cause it had been 6 hours since I ate breakfast. I was just going to go home and start cooking dinner because cháo vịt (duck rice porridge/congee) was going to take a while to cook since I made the base from scratch with beef bone. That whole process took at least 3 hours before I added the rice to make rice porridge, but man, was that bowl of duck congee so good. Funny thing was, I didn’t really have a recipe for it and I had never made it before. I always ate it when my mom made it or at the restaurant. I remember there was a really good restaurant that specialized in duck congee back in Vietnam, it was over by my bà ngoại’s place. Man was it good.

The weather today, especially in the morning, called for a sort of soup or warm dish with the off and on gloomy weather and rain. So it all worked out, because I originally was going to make the duck congee yesterday but didn’t get a chance to because I didn’t have the time to. All I had to work off of was an ingredient list (just list of ingredients no measurements of any sorts) and the general order of how things should happen. Ingredients included bone, duck, ginger, garlic, onion, fish sauce. So yeah, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I should have used less rice though my porridge is definitely more oatmeal/porridge texture than the watery porridge my mom makes. Live and learn, next time I’ll just use 1.5 cup or even 1 cup of rice instead of 2. Still so good though, so much flavor!!!

But I regress, working out. I finished rotations at 1pm today, and I went to Target and ended up getting a racket and balls for racquetball. I didn’t like the racket they let me borrow yesterday because it got my hand all dirty and black. I also got a more active wear swim top. I wanted a one piece, but I swear my body’s too oddly shaped that I had the hardest time getting them on. I opted for a tank that i’ll wear with my batman bikini bottom. That way it won’t show my midriff. I always found it too weird to wear a string bikini to the pool to swim laps. My intent with all of this is that I’ll start swimming too, once Auntie Flow leaves. I ended up eating subway afterwards cause I couldn’t ignore my hunger anymore. I was planning on holding off until working out, but realistically working out for nearly 2 hours when famished… totally not a good plan. I already get woozy enough getting off a treadmill after I’ve been on it for a bit. So I was about to give n and decide that there was no gym today. Nope, after I devoured that 6″ subway, I felt okay and went straight to the gym. Man was it worth it. I would have stayed a little bit later, but I was wanting to come home to make that congee.

[The Numbers]

  • Weight: 122.6 lbs
  • Water Intake:  750 mL by 12pm, 750 mL after work out, 750 mL by bedtime = 2250 mL total
  • Workout Time: 40 minutes playing racquetball, 40 minutes in the weight room, 30 minutes on treadmill = 110 minutes

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: Chobani greek yogurt, 6 oreo cookies
  • Lunch: Subway cold cut 6″ sub – lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, olives, pickles, cucumbers, and chipotle sauce
  • Dinner:  cháo vịt – duck congee (or rice porridge); definitely homemade and satisfying as expected
  • Snack: N/A

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