[Day 7: eh?]

I thought I was supposed to losing weight. Not gaining weight. I swear my caloric intake has been restricted, I’ve been working out more than I have been in the past. In fact, I wasn’t working out at all before in the past asides from the random spurts where I go “GYM TIME!” then a week later you won’t see me step near a gym. I find that this is just really frustrating, and I’m not getting any of the results that I’ve been wanting to achieve. Not even the weight loss bit. I’m highly discouraged and I don’t know what to do. UGH.

I’m definitely sore all over right now because of that insanity workout video though. It hurts to move, and walking up the stairs is a KILLER. After the work out today, I think it’s even worse. It hurts to walk. Oye. I forgot that I am predisposed with tight calves in the first place.

[The Numbers]

  • Weight: 125.2 lbs
  • Water Intake:  750 mL by 11:30am, 750 mL by 1pm, 750 mL by end of workout, 300 mL by bedtime = total water intake 2750 mL
  • Workout Time: 30 minutes in the weight room, 35 minutes on the treadmill (2 miles out of it, but I pushed myself to run more this time – I can do a straight 2 minutes at 6 mph now, compared to the 30 seconds at that rate last week), and 60 minutes playing raquetball by myself = total work out time 125 minutes

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: 1 granny smith apple, 1 serving of mozzarella with red roasted tomatoes from Wegmans
  • Lunch: bánh bèo (a Vietnamese dish consisting of mini rice pancakes topped with green onions and chopped dried shrimp), and two clementines
  • Dinner: cháo vịt (duck congee) – it’s the last of it!
  • Snack: 4 clementines – they’re so delicious!!!

PS. Just for the record, my duck congee only used 2 cups of rice which lasted me 5 meals. Most of what I ate was the cliantro, scallions, and bean sprouts I mixed into the congee so it was more like congee mixed in with the veggies.


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