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Things Are Turning Around….

I may or may not have mentioned this before in this blog, but a while ago my ex (then boyfriend) had moved out from California to come live with me while I was going to school out here, in attempt to bridge the long distance relationship gap that we already had at the time (I lived in Colorado). That was probably one of the worse decisions of my life, as it’s caused a ripple effect that I still feel even to this day. It impacted a lot on my finances, as the ex was pretty much a freeloader at the time having given me empty promises that were left unfulfilled even to this day, saying that once he got the money. Before that it was, he was working on saving the money and everything. But asides from all of that, I’ve been dealing with a lot of financial stress since the moment he moved in with me. Initially when I got this apartment, I was anticipating that he’d contribute his half of everything, which was something we clearly stated but he couldn’t meet ends at the time. Which would have been fine, but int he end it was all on me. Slowly I’ve been getting my finances together, but it’s always a struggle, and I’ve had to cut back on a lot of things like going out to hang out with friends simply because I can’t spare that extra money to go drive out to the beach for a few days and everything.

But my lease is going to be up at the end of next month, and well, they stated that my rent was going to go up by $50. It’s a lovely place, 8 minutes walking distances from school (especially nice when I wake up late all the time). But overall, that increase just made me start questioning things. Was it really worth it? I started to have my doubts because well… $50 can pay for a lot of different things. For instance, it could pay for my electric bill for two months. It could even pay my internet for a month and a half. I could get two really nice sushi dinners, or one fine dinning place. Or you know, 5 different meals out to those mediocre places were average spent per person is approximately $10. If I’m in a financial bind now, I can’t imagine what it’d be like once I actually have to drive around and all that jazz for rotations during the P3 year of pharmacy school when I could potentially be driving maximum of 60 miles in one direction daily. That’s a lot of gas. Since the beginning of summer semester, I’ve only filled up my gas tank once, and I didn’t even need to at the time. I only did it cause it made my car wash (which was needed) $2 cheaper. Definitely a deal, cause I only had to fill up a fourth of a tank. So talk about saving money on gas, that’s where a lot of my money saving the last two months has been coming from in addition to laundry and household items and school fees which i budgeted but didn’t use. But later on, things won’t be that way. It won’t be as nice and all that jazz later on the road.

But I’m rambling (when don’t I ramble though?), but what I wanted to say was that I started to consider finding a new place to live that was still within walking distance of school. Is paying $1075/month for rent + electric + internet worth it, just so I could walk to school? It is. Which is why if I couldn’t find a place within walking distance, I was just going to stay put. Another thing about this area is that, it’s sorta ghetto and sketch in some areas so it’s better that I don’t stray too far from the downtown area. I mean, the sun sets super early in the winter over here in Massachusetts! It’s scary sometimes! But in any case, my friend who was renting this place (pretty much just a room) is moving out at the end of this month to move into another place a bit further with two of our other friends, she had to move out of her previous place cause her roommate at the time had gotten married at the end of the summer semester, and well everyone else had signed an one year leasing contract. So that’s why she was at this place for 3 months while we attended school for this loathing summer semester. But in any case, it’s a nice place, closer to school than my current place. The room’s a bit small, but to be honest, I’ve come to realize that I don’t really need that much room. I rarely use my living room as it is right now. As I spend most of my time in my kitchen or in my bedroom. So it’ll work out.

That and my room at my parents’ house while I was growing up is still smaller than the room at this place anyways. I mean it’s only for two more years so sure why not. As I keep joking with my parents, I’m like one of those characters in those ancient Chinese dramas where I’m currently up in the mountain training to be the world’s greatest fighter or something along those lines. When I come down, life will be different and better. But until then, I’m training in seclusion with school as my focus. So in the end, this is a better decision to alleviate some stress that I’ve been dealing with lately.

Best part about all this? I’ll be saving approximately $400 per month just due to the rent reduction. That in itself is amazing and feels great. I was excited when I saved $200 based on my budget last month. But $400, that should definitely help out in the long run. Meaning, I don’t have to run to my parents asking them for financial help. I mean, I’m 24 and in Professional School now, I shouldn’t be doing that. That’s what all my student loans are for right? Too bad I’ve already been taking everything to their limits.

Oh, and another hesitation I had about moving was the whole not having anyone to help me move and all that jazz. But my friends that are moving together are all moving around the same time, and they’ll be helping me too with the big stuff. By big stuff, I just mean my bed, desk, and drawers. I know.. it’s a ridiculous amount of big stuff right? I told my friend that she could have my living room furniture because it was too much of a hassle for me to deal with in terms of selling it and everything. I mean, honestly. I furnished my entire apartment with $400… ($100 of that was my drawers). Hurrah for Ikea? She wants the furniture, she can have it. Otherwise, I’d probably do a good deed and donate it to the salvation army downstairs around the corner.

So now, I really do need to just eat everything in my kitchen as best as possible so I have less to move.

In the end, I want to just say: Sometimes things just work themselves out in the end.


Day One: Insanity and some Money Crap

Started doing Insanity today. x_X; Just the Fit Test nearly killed me, I’m so out of shape. >___<“

On a side note, I wish the world didn’t need money to go round. I’m in that bind again where I’m freaking out with my expenses and everything for the semester. I hate not having my own income that I’m bringing in, and the fact that the only thing to occupy my time is school. It’s not like working, at least working when I work I can’t spend money, and when I’m not working I’m too tired to be spending money or something along those lines.

But I want to get back on track again, hopefully with Rin’s help (my best friend turned personal accountant) I can get back in track and make it through pharmacy school without any more help. Hopefully. BLARGH.