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Skin Care Routines

Did I mention I’m really sick and tired of my skin? Too bad I can’t just strip it all away. But in any case, I was reading up on skincare routines and all that jazz and I’m even more confused now more than ever. There’s so many steps, and so many different products. Good thing I’m going to start investing in this stuff right so it’ll become more of a planned purchase instead of a sporadic ones. Planned ones always go over much better.

So according to Dr. Schultz (a dermatologist with his own line of skincare products and a YouTube channel, and all that jazz – DermTV.com) in one of his posts (link here), I need to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate in the morning, and cleanse, toner, and antioxidize in the evening. I do have a bottle of Biore’s toner back in MA that I should continue using up, I just got sick and tired of it. I think after that bottle’s done with, I’ll go to Witch Hazel, I’ve heard of good things about it. And the scent isn’t as strong from what I can remember. My cleanser is my exfoliant? Does that count? Currently, I’ve been using Clean and Clear’s 3 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser. I know that with the clarisonic that I’m going to be purchase sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll have to switch it up and I might just go to the Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. Boy was that a mouthful, but it’s also 10% benzoyl peroxide opposed to the current cleanser which is at 5%.

Funny thing that cleanser, for a while the 3 in 1 was actually on back order due to some warehouse issues, and I couldn’t get my hands on it. Man did my face hate me. The 10% didn’t really do much for me, but the 5% was what I had been using for a while and it worked. Yet now that I’m using it again, it doesn’t seem to have the same kick, and my skin’s been rather finicky since. Maybe I should try something else with benzoyl peroxide and see if it works, definitely not the 10% though. I once heard that whether it be 10% or 1% it didn’t really make a difference in terms of its effectiveness, it’s just its adverse effects (dry skin) becomes more predominant. I should look back at my self-care therapeutics notes and check and maybe even do a personal journal club assignment about it. Treating myself as a patient. Oh boy, I must really be bored.

But in any case, my normal routine is salicylic acid whenever I would shower, and benzoyl at night. Both were exfoliants, so I guess I’ll have to switch up once I get the clarisonic. Oh boy… this whole skincare routine’s going on a complete overhaul apparently.

Moisturizer is another issue that I’ve been needing to address. My Bliss one is discontinued, my bare minerals ones isn’t working. I’m trying out this Clinique gel moisturizer right now that I got a sample of at Macy’s one day when I was hanging out at the mall with L. I’m not entirely sure what I think about it right now. Today’s the end of day one of using it. So we’ll see how it goes, I might need to get a second sample to really see how well it works. I have the lotion version of the moisturizer too, but I’m kind of nervous using it since the lady said that there’s mineral oil in it and may cause me to break out even worse. I don’t quite want that. I should go visit Sephora and load myself up with samples again when I get back to MA too. Or now, I guess I could just “stock up” now. Not like I have anything better to do with myself. Overall, I guess this whole moisturizer thing is going to be trial and error until I find one that works again and hope that it doesn’t get discontinued like the bliss one that I loved oh so much!

So therefore, basic routine thus far? Cleanser – needs to be changed, Toner – should just use up then try Witch Hazel, Moisturizer – trial and error phase right now. Then there’s the Clarisonic Mia which I’m determined to buy right now, only thing holding me back is the upcoming Sephora Friends and Family sale from the 18th to 31st. If I can save money, why not.

In addition to the basics, I want to find some products that’ll help minimize the hyper-pigmentation on my skin. I’ve just started to directly apply Vitamin E Skin Oil on those spots, and I guess I’ll keep at it until I run out of the bottle and see how that goes. Then there’s my stupid pores, I noticed earlier today that the pores around my nose, on my nose and between my eyebrows are horrible. I applied make up and it seemed like it made my pores even worse. Not cool, not cool. So they’re definitely a concern, but I’ll work on this after I get a skin care routine down and all that jazz. I hear that witch hazel helps with the pores issues, as well as the clarisonic. Then finally, I feel like my skin’s hating me and deciding it wants to get old. I have this wrinkle? line? on my forehead from raising my brow too much because apparently I do that when I’m confused or really concentrated (I blame school). So I guess I want something to help with that before my skin ages prematurely. Dark circles are also appearing under my eyes, no bueno! Gotta find an eye cream or something for that too. Crap.

Thus in summary, after the basics are covered, I want something that’ll help with hyper-pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines, and dark circles.

Gah, writing this post makes me feel old. But I guess the sooner I start, the better!


Time Just Flies….

I’m finishing up my last week of intermediate rotations (two more 10 hour shifts to go), and time has definitely gone by without hesitation. In my last post, I was just getting ready to wrap up P1 year to move back home for three months. Now I only have a month left in CO before I move back to MA.

Since moving out of my parents’ home in 2009, I’ve definitely become more tolerating and my patience has grown to a greater extent. In the past, I’d lash out and argue whenever something didn’t sit well with me when it came from my parents. Now I simply take it as it is, and try and look for that something behind all of those words to realize their true intent. Sure I still don’t agree with them on a lot of matters, but living at home (without access to my own independent method of transportation nonetheless) for the last two months has been a lot better than I thought. I still don’t think I’d do it when I try to move back to CO after I graduate, but you never know. I might be just crazy enough to try and pay off my student loans the first year or two after graduating.

Come October, I’ll be having a lot of free time. No access to a car to go around town with, but plenty of access to the internet. This can be a good or a bad thing. I do want to venture out and do other things. Who knows, I might pull out that old bike of mine. There’s so much that I want to do with myself, but I always seem to pull back and end up being the usual recluse.

I keep making lists of things I want to do, and I always seem to fail at following through with them. Maybe this will be the time that’s different than all of the rest. Hopefully?

NaNoWriMo: I know it starts in November, but hey I’ll be neck deep in Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapeutics, and whatever class I have. A six week semester is super short so I hear, and it’ll be super rough. So since I have October to my self without any impending distractions, maybe I’ll just do my own little NaNoWriMo thing. I miss writing, and I haven’t written anything since NaNo ’10.

Working Out: I swore I saw my recreation center pass/id card the other day when I was moving things around to find a book to read. To my knowledge I still have 20 punches to get into the rec center that’s only a mile away from my parents’ place. I can go there via bike and enjoy some time to myself that’s not at home. I’m going to develop a severe case of bumitis if I can’t get out of this house for the next month when I have absolutely nothing to do. I want to get back into the workout groove too, and perhaps this will help me ease into it when I’m back in Woo-town?

Couponing: it’s that time again. I’ll be off on my own, unable to bum off of my parents’ groceries towards the end of October, so I might as well scout out for the good coupons for stuff that I can use when I’m back in MA. Those coupons really do help. I kept record of how much I saved over Summer semester when I started to do this couponing thing and it was a hefty amount. Sure it’s not an extreme amount like those fanatical women who are into extreme couponing. But hey, a dollar saved is another dollar I can spend on more food…

Coming up with a Game Plan: I want to become a better person. So as a result, to get to that point I should aim to do things that I want to achieve… if that makes any sense at all. I guess that’s why I’m writing this list, so I can get things done. (I’ve always been a list-maker.) So is that a bit extreme? Writing a to-do list with ‘writing a to do list’ as one of the tasks? I guess I just need to stop and think about where I want to be in life when all this is over, and figure out the steps that it’ll take to get there. Of course, school might get in the way again like I said so before. But, I shouldn’t let that stop me from trying.

Eating Better: for the past two months, eating has been a horrendous thing. Either I’d binge or I’d forgo eating entirely. Which is almost a complete 180 from how things were the three months prior to that when I started to get into a better eating habit when I started to work out according to Insanity. (Maybe I should restart that? I said I would, but I never realized how exhausting rotations would be when you add in the commute to it.)

I guess those are really my own goals for the upcoming month of October. Until then, I have twenty more hours of rotation to put in within the next two days. Hurrah for my 12p-10p shifts at Walgreens! Hopefully it’ll be slow and I get to go home early or something along those lines.

Almost There!

… Okay. I’m notorious for starting something and not quite following through with it all the way. But to my justification, I haven’t really made anything that was appealing enough to photograph, and when I did it was the stuff I already photographed before (i.e., tacos, pasta, apple crisps, etc.) The food supply in my kitchen is dwindling down as expected. The last time I went to the store to buy food was  10 days ago, and even then it was just for some fresh produce and fruits.

I hope I should have the majority of everything cleared out by the time I move out of my apartment (tentative moving everything date is next Friday). A whole bunch of eating out time for me, if I do run out of food cause there’s no point in going grocery shopping. Not because I’m moving to a new apartment, but because I’m going back to CO for intermediate rotations.

Today marked the last day of classes for my P1 Year of Pharmacy school! I technically have only one more year of classes (P2 year) before I go on rotations (P3), and then it’s graduation! It definitely doesn’t feel like almost a year has passed since I left Colorado. I moved out here on the 15th of August.

I only have Finals to tackle and then I’ll be back in my home state for three whole months. Since I’ve moved out here, I haven’t been back in CO for any more than 2 and a half weeks at a time. And I’ve only been back three times, between each semester. That might change after I get back, depending on whether or not I can find an internship to partially fund extraneous desires. I’m currently eyeing this coach purse (madison op art multi sateen sophia satchel). I typically don’t even like purses, my last purse I bought was my NineWest purse I bought back in ’08, and I don’t even use it that often. I typically just use one of those metal ID card holders for my wallet and call it a day. I guess this is more of my attempt to be a grown adult. There’s something about going around with a backpack wearing professional clothes that doesn’t scream a professional woman. I find that I’m really picky about purses too apparently, I’ll go to Kohls and whatever and look at the purses they have there, just to look to see if anything has potential. But for the most part, none do. This coach purse was the first to catch my eye, and I wasn’t even intending on it. I was curious when I was browsing for purses one night cause I was not studying like I should have…  But yeah, too bad that purse is $298. Anyone want to buy it for me? My birthday’s coming up in three months… It’d totally make me look super cute?

11 more days before I get to go back to sweet ol’ Colorado!

On a side note, my heart goes out to those affected by the shooting last night at the movie theaters. (Gunman turns Batman screening into real-life ‘horror film‘). I was fortunate enough that my friends who live in Aurora didn’t go to the movies. I just wonder what goes through a person’s head that day, prior to going out to a public place to do a random shooting. In the end, I can’t fathom it at all.