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Idle Time

So just having idle time on my hands is a pain. I wish I was working, in school, or something. I almost feel like I have no purpose in life at this very moment. You can call it cabin fever almost, but at the same time, I just don’t know what to do with myself right now. I want to wake up to have something to do and not have to wait until the evening to do it or whatever. It doesn’t help that my car is in Massachusetts right now, while my body is physically in the state of Colorado.

Therefore, I’ve pulled my bike out of the garage and man is it covered in cobwebs. I should have taken a picture of it before I went wipe SOME of it off, it was impossible to get it all off. I still don’t have much of a purpose, or a reason to really go anywhere, especially with my “I live off of student loans therefore have budgeted every month” funds. I have approximately $150 to last me until I get back to MA on the 25th.

At least me going anywhere will be a good work out. If I want to go ANYWHERE, I’d have to bike at least 4 miles. Today I went to the outdoor mall and Target, the trip was 4.4 miles one direction, with the trip going there mostly uphill. As I was biking to the mall, I kept thinking to myself “OMG, this is the worse idea ever. I’m going to diiieeee.” But the ride home wasn’t too bad, and it only takes approximately 20 minutes to bike the distance.

Tomorrow I’m thinking either Barnes and Noble, or Sally Beauty Supply. It’s one or the other, given that it’s a 4 mile bike ride from my house in opposite directions. Fun stuff right? At least I’ll get my cardio work out in. Who needs to go to the recreation center anymore right? Nevermind the fact that I just found my pass, and there’s probably a 20-visit pass still on it.