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An Update

So, I fell off the bandwagon when it came down to keeping myself accountable. After the last post, I just realized how each day was becoming a cheat day, and I was just getting really discouraged and unmotivated to keep track of everything. It wasn’t that I fell off right away, there was a week where I had to go out to buy another tank to work out in because I ran out of tanks to wear to go work out in. My lowest weight at one point was 118.0 or was it 117.6? One of the two, I may have just had that second number in my head for no reason.

But since all that, stress has come and it appears to stay. I’m a stress eater. Not to mention, if I’m in stress mode for long enough, I get into this depressed mode. Depressed eating is even worse than stress eating. Depressed mode is where I eat and I don’t even care that I’m eating.

All in all, I feel pretty crappy as of right now. I’m not sure if I’m bloated or I’m gaining back the weight and everything. All I can say is that I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. I need to go back to clean eating, monitoring what I eat, limiting what I eat. It didn’t help that I just bought another box of those snack packages of Oreos, the ones where there’s 6 cookies in a pouch. OREOS ARE SO GOOD THOUGH!

I need to go back to going out to the gym again, spend time there, but then now a days I’m so tired. Tired enough that I can pass out for 2-3 hours for a nap and then go back to sleep later on. But I also haven’t been sleeping very well, waking up around 6 regardless of what time I went to bed (even if it’s 3:30am) and then waking up every hour since. I realize that I have a lot of things to do, and time is running out! Which makes me not want to go to the gym even more.

But no excuses. I can’t let myself keep making these excuses. I made a promise to myself, I gifted myself better health for my birthday. That is what I need to work towards. I did decide that once I hit 115, I was going to bake a tiramisu cake from scratch to celebrate though? I know it’s counter intuitive, but tiramisu is my absolute favorite cake/dessert there is out there and I can eat it all day if I didn’t have to face all the unpleasant consequences.

In any case, I’ll post my “new” starting weight again, and start this journey all over again, tomorrow morning first thing so I’m more consistent with when I measure my weight. At first you don’t succeed, try and try again right? Eventually I’ll get down to what I want to get to. 

In terms of food, I’m refraining from going to the store unless I need to. It’s going to be a creative adventure that may or may not be clean to just eat all the food that I have laying around in my kitchen. Tonight I made a Thai Curry Soup, and for dessert I made chè xanh (a Vietnamese dessert soup with mung bean and coconut milk).

And I need to start writing out my to do lists again, otherwise things get forgotten or never done. So unfortunately, this is where that bit of information will be jotted down as well. So I apologize in advance.


[Day 10: Unexpected 4 Day Weekend]

I knew that I was going to get a 3-day weekend (off on Monday for Columbus Day), but somehow that became a 4 day weekend. In clinic, we usually see patients Mondays and Thursdays, spending Wednesdays and Fridays working up the patients for the days we see them in clinic. Since we won’t be seeing patients on Monday, there’s no real need to be at clinic on Friday. So ta-da! I get a 4 day weekend that wasn’t expected. If I hadn’t asked what my preceptor wanted us to do tomorrow, I’m pretty sure that the other students and myself would be driving that hour to go to clinic to sit there for 4 hours with nothing to do.

I was originally supposed to run the 5k ROC race (Ridiculous Obstacle Course), but due to the government shutdown the people who put together the run couldn’t set anything up since the National Recreational Area is closed off until the government turns back on again. Is that how you would phrase it? That’s how I’m going to phrase it for now. So yeah, no race means no NYC trip for the weekend. There was potential that the race would be postponed until the following weekend on the 19th and 20th, if the government turns on again by Monday. But given that it’s my birthday weekend, I really didn’t want to go down to NYC for it and I would rather just hang out around here in Massachusetts where there’s a potential of hanging out with people I haven’t seen in a few months.

Thankfully, they gave me my refund. That money is going directly to my Personal Placement Service for pharmacy jobs this coming December. It all works out I guess. I actually didn’t realize I had that much work to do until I was looking at things this past 24 hours. Lots of things to do with residency applications, preparations, selection, etc. Not to mention job applications, interview preparations, etc. AND on top of that I have presentation posters to put together for a pharmacy conference down in Florida this December, and then my grad poster as well where the topic proposal is due at the beginning of next month.

Oy Vey!

So I guess I’ll spend my weekend working out, sleeping, and doing work. Hopefully I’ll get a chunk of what I want done done. Otherwise, man this is going to suck.


[The Numbers]

  • Weight: 122.5 pounds
  • Water Intake:  750 mL by 11 am, 750 mL by 3pm, 750 mL by 7:30pm, 750 mL by bedtime – 3,000 mL of water
  • Workout Time: Treadmill for 40 minutes, Weight Room working on upper arm muscles for 20 minutes = 1 hour of work out time

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: one 100-calorie English muffin with peanut butter and honey, 1 soft-boiled egg, 1 clementine
  • Lunch: 1 serving chicken-olive sauté (Recipe found on Prevention.com) with 1/4 cup of quinoa; finished off with two clementines
  • Dinner: 1 spicy Italian chicken sausage (140), two handfuls of spinach sauteed (30-40) with a handful of cherry tomatoes (15-20), 1 corn on the cob (63), and 1/4 cup of Wegman’s red smashed potatoes (80)
  • Snack: 2 clementines, 1 granny smith apple with fat free french vanilla yogurt fruit dip

Time Just Flies….

I’m finishing up my last week of intermediate rotations (two more 10 hour shifts to go), and time has definitely gone by without hesitation. In my last post, I was just getting ready to wrap up P1 year to move back home for three months. Now I only have a month left in CO before I move back to MA.

Since moving out of my parents’ home in 2009, I’ve definitely become more tolerating and my patience has grown to a greater extent. In the past, I’d lash out and argue whenever something didn’t sit well with me when it came from my parents. Now I simply take it as it is, and try and look for that something behind all of those words to realize their true intent. Sure I still don’t agree with them on a lot of matters, but living at home (without access to my own independent method of transportation nonetheless) for the last two months has been a lot better than I thought. I still don’t think I’d do it when I try to move back to CO after I graduate, but you never know. I might be just crazy enough to try and pay off my student loans the first year or two after graduating.

Come October, I’ll be having a lot of free time. No access to a car to go around town with, but plenty of access to the internet. This can be a good or a bad thing. I do want to venture out and do other things. Who knows, I might pull out that old bike of mine. There’s so much that I want to do with myself, but I always seem to pull back and end up being the usual recluse.

I keep making lists of things I want to do, and I always seem to fail at following through with them. Maybe this will be the time that’s different than all of the rest. Hopefully?

NaNoWriMo: I know it starts in November, but hey I’ll be neck deep in Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapeutics, and whatever class I have. A six week semester is super short so I hear, and it’ll be super rough. So since I have October to my self without any impending distractions, maybe I’ll just do my own little NaNoWriMo thing. I miss writing, and I haven’t written anything since NaNo ’10.

Working Out: I swore I saw my recreation center pass/id card the other day when I was moving things around to find a book to read. To my knowledge I still have 20 punches to get into the rec center that’s only a mile away from my parents’ place. I can go there via bike and enjoy some time to myself that’s not at home. I’m going to develop a severe case of bumitis if I can’t get out of this house for the next month when I have absolutely nothing to do. I want to get back into the workout groove too, and perhaps this will help me ease into it when I’m back in Woo-town?

Couponing: it’s that time again. I’ll be off on my own, unable to bum off of my parents’ groceries towards the end of October, so I might as well scout out for the good coupons for stuff that I can use when I’m back in MA. Those coupons really do help. I kept record of how much I saved over Summer semester when I started to do this couponing thing and it was a hefty amount. Sure it’s not an extreme amount like those fanatical women who are into extreme couponing. But hey, a dollar saved is another dollar I can spend on more food…

Coming up with a Game Plan: I want to become a better person. So as a result, to get to that point I should aim to do things that I want to achieve… if that makes any sense at all. I guess that’s why I’m writing this list, so I can get things done. (I’ve always been a list-maker.) So is that a bit extreme? Writing a to-do list with ‘writing a to do list’ as one of the tasks? I guess I just need to stop and think about where I want to be in life when all this is over, and figure out the steps that it’ll take to get there. Of course, school might get in the way again like I said so before. But, I shouldn’t let that stop me from trying.

Eating Better: for the past two months, eating has been a horrendous thing. Either I’d binge or I’d forgo eating entirely. Which is almost a complete 180 from how things were the three months prior to that when I started to get into a better eating habit when I started to work out according to Insanity. (Maybe I should restart that? I said I would, but I never realized how exhausting rotations would be when you add in the commute to it.)

I guess those are really my own goals for the upcoming month of October. Until then, I have twenty more hours of rotation to put in within the next two days. Hurrah for my 12p-10p shifts at Walgreens! Hopefully it’ll be slow and I get to go home early or something along those lines.

Whoever Knew…

Stretching can make you break out in a sweat? Just did my Cardio Recovery video of Insanity today. x_X; I definitely have sweat dripping from my forehead and neck, and with some beading in my cleavage. But hurrah! Done with Day 4, technically. So I’m still going strong!


Anything that looks like a sweat drop, really is a sweat drop after 30 minutes of Insanity stretching.

I also woke up today at 2pm, having almost 12 hours of sleep. I guess my period is taking a lot more out of me than I thought initially. I hate waking up so late cause I feel unaccomplished and unproductive. At least since waking up at 2 (three hours ago), I’ve cleaned up half of my bedroom, made my bed, took two quizzes, ate a bagel with some cream cheese and smoked salmon along with some cottage cheese, and worked out according to the Insanity Cardio Recovery video.

Now to clean the rest of my bedroom, do my dishes and watch a few lectures that I missed bits and pieces of. Sounds like a fun weekend!