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Whoever Knew…

Stretching can make you break out in a sweat? Just did my Cardio Recovery video of Insanity today. x_X; I definitely have sweat dripping from my forehead and neck, and with some beading in my cleavage. But hurrah! Done with Day 4, technically. So I’m still going strong!


Anything that looks like a sweat drop, really is a sweat drop after 30 minutes of Insanity stretching.

I also woke up today at 2pm, having almost 12 hours of sleep. I guess my period is taking a lot more out of me than I thought initially. I hate waking up so late cause I feel unaccomplished and unproductive. At least since waking up at 2 (three hours ago), I’ve cleaned up half of my bedroom, made my bed, took two quizzes, ate a bagel with some cream cheese and smoked salmon along with some cottage cheese, and worked out according to the Insanity Cardio Recovery video.

Now to clean the rest of my bedroom, do my dishes and watch a few lectures that I missed bits and pieces of. Sounds like a fun weekend!