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[Day 1: Another Beginning]

Fitness month begins! I don’t exactly want to call this a weight loss month because the ultimate goal is to just tone that belly down, and I just used the 10 lbs as a measurable way of determining whether or not I’m successful or not. Especially true since all that delicious food just goes straight to the belly and hips.

I was actually going to do more of a “formal” start, and start right this morning, but I stayed up too late last night and getting up was difficult. 7:00 am became 7:30 am, then it became 8:00 am and it was all “OH SHIT I HAVE TO GET READY TO GO TO CLINICAL TEACHINGS!” Since I was short on time, I didn’t really get a chance to eat a real breakfast. I was intending on eating my Chobani greek yogurt (Passionfruit FTW! Anyone have coupons though??) but I definitely didn’t get a chance to even do that and grabbed an apple on my way out to eat while I was walking to campus for clinical teachings. I did get an initial weight and some before pictures. In the past, I just weighed myself every day and found it rather discouraging or encouraging sometimes. I haven’t decided what I wanted to do yet, but I typically get on the scale first thing in the morning right before I hop into the shower. As for the before pictures, I can’t seem to take a decent one. I just don’t have the camera angle or lighting for it or something. Given my petite nature, saying to anyone I was going on this fitness/health do-over people aren’t quite understanding/accepting of it I realize. Instead of getting the, “Good for you! I’m sure you can do it!” or other words of encouragement, I’ve been getting the “Psh. You don’t need to. You’re so small already.” That’s really not what I was going for. So I guess I’m all on my own with this blog to keep me motivated and accountable I guess.

[Hello to people who recently subscribed to me, sorry if I bore you with my novella-like posts!!!]

This morning pretty much got derailed. Got out of bed late, hardly had breakfast, thus had to come home to eat lunch before intended gym time. Also after clinical teaching, I found out that I need to reedit my poster presentation abstract and everything too. So going to the gym has to be put on hold briefly, because this abstract is on a deadline. So i figured I’d eat lunch and work on this poster abstract at the same time, but nope. My preceptor hasn’t emailed me what she needed to email me for me to finish my submission yet. Oye. I guess I should work on that journal club presentation that I have tomorrow in the meanwhile.

[The Numbers]

  • Day 1: 123.6 lbs
  • Water Intake: 750 mL as of 1pm, finished another 750 mL by the end of the workout, 750 mL by 10:30pm – total intale: 2250 mL
  • Work Out Time: 1.5 hours – 45 minutes on the elliptical (3.5 miles or so, 370 calories burnt), rest of the time was doing some weights and strength training on the machines

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: 1 granny smith apple
  • Lunch: 1/2 cup quinoa and one serving of a chicken-olive saute (recipe found here) – it’s actually leftovers from two days ago
  • Post Work Out Snack: 1 serving of fresh mozzarella cheese (70 calories) in a tomato mozzarella basil salad
  • Dinner: homemade non-instant ramen** – entails tomoshiraga somen noodles, miso/dashi soup base, wakame, mushrooms, a soft-boiled egg, and some beef (pretty much threw together what I had in the kitchen)
  • Dessert: 1 granny smith apple with fat-free vanilla yogurt fruit dip

NOTE: the nice thing about homemade ramen – I can better control the portion size and what goes in it. I used half a serving size of the noodles, and loaded up on mushrooms, and got my fill of protein with the egg and beef.