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Two Things

First off, I must say that I’m caving to my wish list that I’ve been posting in the “One Day when I’m Rich” category. I bought the EXPRESS jacket that I had been fawning over for a while when I was posting it. I actually bought it last week. I’ve already worn it a number of times, as the jacket came in handy right as the seasons was changing here in good ol’ Colorado. Seriously, you can get three sometimes four seasons in a day. For instance, last week at 4pm it was 82 degrees, then at 6pm it was 61 degrees, and finally at 8pm it was 44 or 49 degrees I forget which. These were numbers that the local news station spit out for me. It makes me want to get better fitted jeans now though. Gonna make the step to jeggings, once I can afford them? My skinnies just aren’t skinny anymore, I guess either I got skinnier or the jeans got old and stretched out some. But in any case, EXPRESS Jacket – check! Birthday Present to myself out of an unknown amount.

Secondly, I must say that I HATE my skin at the moment. It’s like a teenager rebelling, but I’m thankful that it isn’t as bad as it was when I was a teenager rebelling. I wish there was some miracle formula or serum or whatever that I can just apply and make it look nice and all that jazz. I’ve been breaking out more than usual. And each breakout is a pretty nasty cystic nodule. So they hurt, and I can’t do anything about it cause they’re so deep into my skin layers. As of right now, there’s one on the tip of my nose, on my cheek bone, and a few less severe ones on my forehead and chins. UGH. I hate this, I feel like a little kid again. And when I was a little kid, I didn’t have much confidence or self esteem. Yeah, I was that girl with acne covering her face, and the glasses that weren’t all that fashionable, and didn’t wear things that looked flattering on her. It’s been ten years since high school (yikes!), and since then the acne has minimized to a manageable level (until recently), the glasses has disappeared (I wear contacts if I’m going out of the house, then they stay in for the rest of the day), fashion has improved somewhat (due to following bloggers and YouTubers such as Wendy from Wendy’s Look Book). Makeup is a new thing too, at first just to cover the acne, now more used to enhance my already present features.

But in any case, skin’s acting up again. I haven’t done anything different. Well, maybe save for not drinking as much water. I used to drink at least a liter of water a day up until rotations ended. I guess since then, I’ve gotten lazy with getting the water. So I should start carrying around my 1-liter nalgene bottle with my alma mater’s logo imprinted on it and drink it daily again.

My skin’s also been this weird patchy dry texture lately. Moisturizers just don’t seem to want to work with it right now. Then again, I used to be fine with my Bliss Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer. Too bad it’s been discontinued. I loved the scent of that moisturizer too. I made the switch to the baremineral’s purely nourishing moisturizer for combination skin, but it just doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I think it’s time to start venturing out and trying to figure out a moisturizer that works for me again. I have $40 budgeted out per month to makeup/skincare. So that should be decent enough until I find something that works, right? The bliss one costed me around $48 but it’d last for 3 months or so. And I thought it worked amazing. WHY MUST THEY DISCONTINUE THINGS I LIKE?!

The Sephora Friends and Family Sale is going to be later this month, and I’m pretty set on buying the Clarisonic Mia (in either blue or turquoise). I mean, I’d buy it now, but hey saving 20% is nice so I might as well wait. But details on the sale is still really up in the air so I’m confused, but at least I’m set on buying the Mia already regardless of the price (regularly priced at $119 + tax). Originally I was going to justify this as Birthday Present to Self #2, but then as the week passed on, I just got more frustrated with my skin and realized that my face just needs something. So this is going to be justified as me attempting to revamp my skincare so I can look good and confident again! (the reviews on it are all mostly good – and I’ve been at it looking at blogs and YouTube).

There are a lot of other things I want to do in terms of revamping my skincare routine. I feel like the baremineral original foundation isn’t working for me anymore. If anything it dries my skin out as the day progresses, which is really weird as it never happened before even when I was using the purely nourishing moisturizer. So I want to change that up, as of right now I’m content with my bare minerals original primer though. It just glides on so well! I definitely can’t see myself applying foundation without primer now though.

I also feel like I should start investing in serums and eye creams of sorts now too. Turning 25, eep! I’m getting old, and the late nights that I stay up (due to various reasons, not just school) is definitely making my skin suffer I feel. So I gotta start with something right?! I wish I had more makeup/beauty buddies I could explore this realm with.