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[Day 21: Happy Birthday to ME]

My preceptor got me a thing of 4 triple chocolate cupcakes (each one possessing 360 calories). Very nice gesture, so I couldn’t refuse. I ended up giving one to my financial adviser (who I saw after I met with my preceptor), and then the security guard since I was walking by him. I wanted to give one to the career service guy too, but I couldn’t find him. The remaining two cupcakes called my name too loudly as I was sitting alone in the computer lab to research some residency programs that I wanted to apply to, so one of them ended up in my stomach. Afterwards, I felt gross. It was far more sugar than I’m used to. Usually when I’m craving something “candy-like” I go with a spoonful of peanut butter and it’s a pretty decent fix cause I can savor it pretty well. But this time, it was just sitting there. It was a really good cupcake, but man so many calories for a standard sized cupcake!

I also have Thai tonight with my roommate, so let’s see if I can just not eat anything for the next six hours before it’s time for my birthday dinner with the roommate and her mom (aka my surrogate mother here in MA). It turns out that I couldn’t, I was starting to get a headache cause I was so hungry so I ate some of that gỏi gà. Lots of cabbage can’t be too bad for you right?

But I definitely had the most amazing birthday evening ever. I hung out with my roommate and her mom and step father and another friend of mine. We went to this new Thai restaurant, and it was the bomb! I got the Green Curry with Duck and coconut rice. It was DELICIOUS! My roommate was also very sneaky and slipped in a tiramisu cake (my favorite), and the restaurant gave us ginger ice cream (also my favorite). It was definitely a good evening with good company.

[The Numbers]

  • Weight: 122.0 pounds
  • Water Intake: 591 mL by 2pm, 750 mL post workout = water intake was horrible today; practically half of my usual -_-
  • Workout Time: 65 minutes elliptical (524 calories burnt), 30 minutes walking on the treadmill for a cool down and to finish my episode of Fringe (105 calories).

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: skipped; woke up at 9 and laid around in bed and ended up almost late for my 10am meeting with my preceptor
  • Lunch: Kimberly’s Triple Chocolate Gourmet Cupcake (360 calories)
  • Post Workout “Snack”: gỏi gà
  • Dinner: half an entree of Thai green curry with duck and coconut rice, with some Thai iced tea
  • Dessert: tiramisu cake with ginger ice cream; and a small bite of Thai egg custard with sticky rice

[Day 20: Logistics]

This whole losing weight thing is actually harder and more discouraging than I initially thought when I started it October 1. I double checked my measurements this morning too, and none of them have changed any. I’ve been working out, I’ve been keeping myself hydrated, I’ve been watching what I eat. I just don’t get how I’m not losing weight, and today is almost the end of week 3, and I don’t feel like I’ve had much progress at all.

But in any case, I feel much better and not so much in that “blergh” mood that I have been in the last 24 hours or so now that I’ve spent a good chunk of time at the gym.


[The Numbers]

  • Weight: 122.6 pounds (122.0 pounds after work out)
  • Water Intake: 750 mL post-workout, 750 mL by 7:00pm, 750 mL by 10:00 pm
  • Workout Time: 60 minute on the elliptical (549 calories) with a stride/min between 172-182 (averaging around 178), plus another unaccounted for 6 minutes because I wanted to watch the rest of the Fringe episode I was watching, 30 minutes weight training – I can do more consistent reps now (3 sets of 10-12 depending on the machine), and use a little bit more weight than initial starting by 5-10 pounds

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: skipped – I didn’t get out of bed until noon
  • Lunch: foil packet chicken – contained half a chicken breast (they were really big so I had to cut it in half), half a zucchini, handful of roma tomatoes, and a third of a pint of baby bella mushrooms
  • Snack: 1 cup of pomegranate seeds, 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • Dinner: gỏi gà – Spicy Cabbage and Chicken Salad with a mixed fish sauce dressing

[Day 10: Unexpected 4 Day Weekend]

I knew that I was going to get a 3-day weekend (off on Monday for Columbus Day), but somehow that became a 4 day weekend. In clinic, we usually see patients Mondays and Thursdays, spending Wednesdays and Fridays working up the patients for the days we see them in clinic. Since we won’t be seeing patients on Monday, there’s no real need to be at clinic on Friday. So ta-da! I get a 4 day weekend that wasn’t expected. If I hadn’t asked what my preceptor wanted us to do tomorrow, I’m pretty sure that the other students and myself would be driving that hour to go to clinic to sit there for 4 hours with nothing to do.

I was originally supposed to run the 5k ROC race (Ridiculous Obstacle Course), but due to the government shutdown the people who put together the run couldn’t set anything up since the National Recreational Area is closed off until the government turns back on again. Is that how you would phrase it? That’s how I’m going to phrase it for now. So yeah, no race means no NYC trip for the weekend. There was potential that the race would be postponed until the following weekend on the 19th and 20th, if the government turns on again by Monday. But given that it’s my birthday weekend, I really didn’t want to go down to NYC for it and I would rather just hang out around here in Massachusetts where there’s a potential of hanging out with people I haven’t seen in a few months.

Thankfully, they gave me my refund. That money is going directly to my Personal Placement Service for pharmacy jobs this coming December. It all works out I guess. I actually didn’t realize I had that much work to do until I was looking at things this past 24 hours. Lots of things to do with residency applications, preparations, selection, etc. Not to mention job applications, interview preparations, etc. AND on top of that I have presentation posters to put together for a pharmacy conference down in Florida this December, and then my grad poster as well where the topic proposal is due at the beginning of next month.

Oy Vey!

So I guess I’ll spend my weekend working out, sleeping, and doing work. Hopefully I’ll get a chunk of what I want done done. Otherwise, man this is going to suck.


[The Numbers]

  • Weight: 122.5 pounds
  • Water Intake:  750 mL by 11 am, 750 mL by 3pm, 750 mL by 7:30pm, 750 mL by bedtime – 3,000 mL of water
  • Workout Time: Treadmill for 40 minutes, Weight Room working on upper arm muscles for 20 minutes = 1 hour of work out time

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: one 100-calorie English muffin with peanut butter and honey, 1 soft-boiled egg, 1 clementine
  • Lunch: 1 serving chicken-olive sauté (Recipe found on Prevention.com) with 1/4 cup of quinoa; finished off with two clementines
  • Dinner: 1 spicy Italian chicken sausage (140), two handfuls of spinach sauteed (30-40) with a handful of cherry tomatoes (15-20), 1 corn on the cob (63), and 1/4 cup of Wegman’s red smashed potatoes (80)
  • Snack: 2 clementines, 1 granny smith apple with fat free french vanilla yogurt fruit dip

[Day 1: Another Beginning]

Fitness month begins! I don’t exactly want to call this a weight loss month because the ultimate goal is to just tone that belly down, and I just used the 10 lbs as a measurable way of determining whether or not I’m successful or not. Especially true since all that delicious food just goes straight to the belly and hips.

I was actually going to do more of a “formal” start, and start right this morning, but I stayed up too late last night and getting up was difficult. 7:00 am became 7:30 am, then it became 8:00 am and it was all “OH SHIT I HAVE TO GET READY TO GO TO CLINICAL TEACHINGS!” Since I was short on time, I didn’t really get a chance to eat a real breakfast. I was intending on eating my Chobani greek yogurt (Passionfruit FTW! Anyone have coupons though??) but I definitely didn’t get a chance to even do that and grabbed an apple on my way out to eat while I was walking to campus for clinical teachings. I did get an initial weight and some before pictures. In the past, I just weighed myself every day and found it rather discouraging or encouraging sometimes. I haven’t decided what I wanted to do yet, but I typically get on the scale first thing in the morning right before I hop into the shower. As for the before pictures, I can’t seem to take a decent one. I just don’t have the camera angle or lighting for it or something. Given my petite nature, saying to anyone I was going on this fitness/health do-over people aren’t quite understanding/accepting of it I realize. Instead of getting the, “Good for you! I’m sure you can do it!” or other words of encouragement, I’ve been getting the “Psh. You don’t need to. You’re so small already.” That’s really not what I was going for. So I guess I’m all on my own with this blog to keep me motivated and accountable I guess.

[Hello to people who recently subscribed to me, sorry if I bore you with my novella-like posts!!!]

This morning pretty much got derailed. Got out of bed late, hardly had breakfast, thus had to come home to eat lunch before intended gym time. Also after clinical teaching, I found out that I need to reedit my poster presentation abstract and everything too. So going to the gym has to be put on hold briefly, because this abstract is on a deadline. So i figured I’d eat lunch and work on this poster abstract at the same time, but nope. My preceptor hasn’t emailed me what she needed to email me for me to finish my submission yet. Oye. I guess I should work on that journal club presentation that I have tomorrow in the meanwhile.

[The Numbers]

  • Day 1: 123.6 lbs
  • Water Intake: 750 mL as of 1pm, finished another 750 mL by the end of the workout, 750 mL by 10:30pm – total intale: 2250 mL
  • Work Out Time: 1.5 hours – 45 minutes on the elliptical (3.5 miles or so, 370 calories burnt), rest of the time was doing some weights and strength training on the machines

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: 1 granny smith apple
  • Lunch: 1/2 cup quinoa and one serving of a chicken-olive saute (recipe found here) – it’s actually leftovers from two days ago
  • Post Work Out Snack: 1 serving of fresh mozzarella cheese (70 calories) in a tomato mozzarella basil salad
  • Dinner: homemade non-instant ramen** – entails tomoshiraga somen noodles, miso/dashi soup base, wakame, mushrooms, a soft-boiled egg, and some beef (pretty much threw together what I had in the kitchen)
  • Dessert: 1 granny smith apple with fat-free vanilla yogurt fruit dip

NOTE: the nice thing about homemade ramen – I can better control the portion size and what goes in it. I used half a serving size of the noodles, and loaded up on mushrooms, and got my fill of protein with the egg and beef.

At It Again

Sometimes despite all my ambitions and determination things don’t quite follow through, especially when things compete with either sleep or food. It’s been a while since my last entry, over half the year’s gone by, and it’s about to start the 10th month of the year.

The resolutions as I wrote down for 2013 were as follows:

  • Work out! This seems to be the thing that’s on every year. Hopefully one year it’ll finally stick right? This has been an on and off thing, more off than on, but more on than previous years. I’ll get more into this after I go through the rest of these resolutions. 
  • I want to get out of my comfort zone and socialize more, even though the hermit within me will resist with all its might. The last time I went out, only good things came out of it. So I might as well try and work at it and do more. In the end, I want to take more chances, and live life to its fullest. I’ve definitely done this, and I’ve been burned because of it. I have been taking more chances and risks as a result though, and some people have come to know me as the girl who did it because “what’s the worse that could happen?” Which is all in all a good thing. But with rotations lately, I just haven’t found the time or the motivation (or possess the budget) to go out to do things anymore. I sort of give up on this whole notion right now, it’ll come when it comes. 
  • Be a doer. Since starting college really, I’ve been taking the back seat to pretty much everything. And well, I think it’s time for me to find that drive again and stat getting involved and do things. I’ve already taken two steps in the right direction by taking initiative in my club. Let’s hope I keep it that way! Definitely a doer. “What’s the worse that could happen?” Seriously, a friend of mine said that sometimes she imagines my voice in her head saying that when she’s debating between doing certain things. I’ve definitely gotten myself really involved with Rho Chi. I even went to the Diabetes Walk this past Saturday to do some blood glucose testing for people. AND I HATE doing that sort of stuff. But in the end, it was a decent way to spend my Saturday morning. Definitely got me out of bed early (granted, I still woke up late). 

So that working out bit, it’s a huge struggle for me. Internal struggle of do I work out for an hour or do I go home and eat/sleep. Usually working out occurs after rotations (or at least that was the intent), but it appears that after rotations I get mad hungry and can’t function and run home (or to the store to get food to make at home) to eat. That or I’m far too exhausted to even think of the potential of being on that elliptical for 30-60 minutes, and the comforts of rolling around in my very comfortable memory foamed topped bed seems to be calling me like the Sirens called Odysseys. Oh but I digress.

I’m turning 26 this year. In 21 days to be exact.  Academically and career-wise, I’m content with myself. My skin’s also taming it self a lot more compared to all the other years. I think my skin’s the best it’s been in a while, just hoping the redness fades away with time and that I don’t get any more attack of the blemishes. I finally found a moisturizer that really works for my skin, and it makes it feel SO SOFT! 

I’ve been following Shay Carl’s family vlogs (SHAYTARDS), and he is doing this ShayTober or whatever he’s deciding to call it. But in any case, now’s a good time as any right? So starting tomorrow, I’ll be pushing myself back in the grind and getting myself to where I want to be physically. There’s also the fact that I’m participating in the 5k ROC (Ridiculous Obstacle Course) on the 12th. Below are my goals, and hopefully I can keep myself accountable for everything for the next month at least. 

My Goals for October:

  • Lose 10 lbs (I’m standing around 123-124 lbs right now); I know that doesn’t sound like I weigh a lot, but I’m a tiny person, that my BMI right now is at a 22.5 (Normal Weight Range: 18.5-24.9). So if I drop down to 113 lbs, my BMI would be 20.7 so nowhere near underweight or anything so it’s a good goal. 
  • Lose the belly fat! This is really my main reason for doing all of this. It’s been an ongoing struggle since high school, and I’ve never been able to tone it down. I really want to, so hopefully I can put in the efforts to do this now. Hopefully see improvement by the time I turn 26 on the 21st of October? Maybe?
  • Drink more water! I was actually doing really well with this during the summer semester, but then things went out of whack and then I got off track, and I guess I got out of habit. According to some random hydration calculator I found, I should be drinking 1.9 liters of water. That’s two and a half bottles of my camel back water bottle. I can do that. The more water, the better!

The biggest issue I have with this whole working out bit is keeping myself accountable. So hopefully for the next month I’ll post a blog or something about what I did today, and keep a workout and food log and what not. Let’s see how this goes. Before pictures will happen tomorrow morning, then it begins! 

Whoever Knew…

Stretching can make you break out in a sweat? Just did my Cardio Recovery video of Insanity today. x_X; I definitely have sweat dripping from my forehead and neck, and with some beading in my cleavage. But hurrah! Done with Day 4, technically. So I’m still going strong!


Anything that looks like a sweat drop, really is a sweat drop after 30 minutes of Insanity stretching.

I also woke up today at 2pm, having almost 12 hours of sleep. I guess my period is taking a lot more out of me than I thought initially. I hate waking up so late cause I feel unaccomplished and unproductive. At least since waking up at 2 (three hours ago), I’ve cleaned up half of my bedroom, made my bed, took two quizzes, ate a bagel with some cream cheese and smoked salmon along with some cottage cheese, and worked out according to the Insanity Cardio Recovery video.

Now to clean the rest of my bedroom, do my dishes and watch a few lectures that I missed bits and pieces of. Sounds like a fun weekend!