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[Day 3: Some Days Are Just Off]

Don’t you hate it when things don’t quite work out?

Everything about today has been off for me. Starting from when I went to bed until now. There are times where there seems to be a shortage of Time, yet other times it goes by so slowly and there’s really nothing I can do with that time due to the circumstances. By the end of the day, as I write this, I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done properly.

I went to sleep a lot later than I was hoping to, and it wasn’t for the lack of trying! I just lost track of time, and didn’t realize that it was nearing 2am. Woke up BEFORE my alarm at 6:30am this morning too, so decided to just lay in bed despite the fact that my bladder was protesting. Extra sleep is good when you’ve slept for 4.5 hours. I ended up getting out of bed at 7:10am cause my snooze button didn’t work as I expected it too (I had turned it off, so my backup alarm went off). I was also 10 minutes late getting out of the house as well, which meant I sorta skipped eating breakfast and I hit traffic heading to the clinic.

Then when I was at the clinic, there was only one patient to see. It wasn’t quite as bad for me as the other two students with me on this rotation because I was actually able to go see the patient. But then afterwards, there was nothing else to do. You know it’s bad when I start working on a project that’s not due for another two weeks. Basically for the rest of the day we got to tag along with the providers to see their patients since we didn’t have any of our own. Either my patient was a no show or the provider/medical assistant/nurse forgot about me. Either way, I didn’t get to drink as much water as I wanted to during the day at the clinic because I didn’t have my water bottle with me.

Then I had this meeting to go to earlier this evening, totally ruined my plans. Couldn’t cook Vietnamese duck congee (cháo vịt) because I had to make broth out of bone and I didn’t have time for that. Didn’t have time to go to the gym either because it was 7:00pm by the time I got home from the meeting, and i was starving so I had to scrounge around for left overs.

Le sigh.

In the end, time is a major factor. Hopefully, things will turn out better for the following days. I feel horrible/guilty for skipping out on the whole working out thing. I really wanted to go back to the gym and hit around the racquetball since there’s a court there now. I guess I’ll try and work out extra hard over the span of the next couple of days to make up for it. I’m actually kind of disappointed in myself, but honestly, what’s a girl to do in situations like this?

I also used to be more on top of things. I was the girl with the list, that made sure everything on the list was crossed off or checked by the end of the day or at least the next few days. I actually just realized I prefer to cross things off if it’s handwritten, and check things off like [X] if it’s typed up on some sticky note on my screen. I actually miss those days. I don’t know what happened to be honest, I just stopped making lists. Then again, up until the start of clinical rotations, it was a constant study for exam after exam after exam with no other things to really do. Maybe I’ll make a list, and be productive this weekend, especially since I don’t have any plans.

I suppose I should start right now with making my To Do list.

[The Numbers]

  • Weight: 121.8 lbs
  • Water Intake:  750 mL by 12:30pm, 750 mL by 7:00pm, 750 mL by 11pm
  • Workout Time: 0 minutes – I did walk to campus though instead of driving for my meeting

[The Meal Plan]

  • Breakfast: 1 granny apple smith
  • Lunch: Amy’s Kitchen light in sodium vegetable lasagna (290 calories)
  • Dinner:  Bánh hỏi and sauteed beef cubes again, followed by 1 mozzarella serving with red roasted tomatoes in herbs and garlic (from Wegmans) – I was starving!
  • Snack: 1 granny smith apple with french vanilla yogurt fruit dip